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Wordpress CARE PLANS

Now more than ever, you need to invest in your website. Sure, it may save you money but most importantly it will ensure your site is available when your customers need it. Your online presence is one of your strongest assets, protect it with a WordPress Care Plan.

We manage your website so you can manage your business.

The web is an ever-changing place. Websites must be regularly updated to stay competitive and relevant. Having an up-to-date, well-maintained site can save your business money and most importantly, ensure that the site is available when your customers want it. We give you the freedom to do this by offering regular WordPress updates alongside our remote support service. Our WordPress Care Plans are carefully designed to give you complete peace-of-mind over your WordPress site.

What you get with our WordPress Care Plans

Managed Hosting

Dedicated hosting that is optimized for WordPress to ensure your website is blazing-fast.

Off-Site Backups

We implement a three-tier redundancy system that guarantees that a copy of your website is always available.

WordPress & Plugin Updates

We keep your website and it's software up-to-date which not only keeps it secure but also gives you the latest and greatest features.

Premium Plugins

Never worry about annual plugin renewals. We give you access to our developer licenses so that your plugins are always up-to-date.

Uptime Monitoring

24-hour monitoring of your website so that in the event your website goes down, we can begin to take steps to get it back online immediately.

Security & Malware Scans

We protect your website from hackers and ensure it is free and clear of malware.

Image Optimization

All images will be automatically compressed and optimized for the web on upload.

Termageddon License

Auto-generating privacy policies and terms of service keep your policies current when laws change. Easily modified if your business services change. 

Dedicated Development Time

Monthly retainer that can be used to update content, add landing pages, or add features to your website. Any overages are charged at a reduced hourly rate.

Simple, Flexible Pricing

Pick the plan that fits your needs.
Cancel anytime.

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Care Plan Add-ons

Search Engine Optimization (Starting at $500/month)

For those who want to rank at the top of the search engines. We audit your site and perform enhancements to ensure it is optimized for search engines. Once your site is optimized, we deploy strategic campaigns that are tailored to the goals and needs of your business.
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5 Essentials for Keeping Your Website Safe

Download our 5 step guide to keep your website safe and secure

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel service at any time. We understand the ebbs and flows of business and don’t want to lock anyone in to a long term deal. In the event that you cancel, we will migrate your site to the host of your choosing. To request cancellation of your website care plan, send a support ticket by logging into your support page or email

Can I use my own hosting service?

Our plans include hosting services so you will no longer need your prior hosting provider. This enables us to react as quickly as possible to any security issues instead of having your hosting provider as a middle man. Our servers are optimized for WordPress websites to ensure blazing fast speeds and high security.  

What are premium plugins?

Premium plugins are used to add different functionality to your website. As the name suggests, these are not free and will need to be kept current for the website to function as intended. We thought that it would be easier for our clients to pass along our developer subscriptions to them. No more worrying about when plugins auto-renew.

What types of activities are covered by support time? 

Think of the support time as a monthly retainer and is in addition to all the work we already do to maintain your website. Whenever you need changes to content or adding a new page to your website, your support time can be used. 

Some examples of what your support time can be used for include: Adding or editing content like blog posts, WooCommerce products, pages, etc., editing menus and widgets, installing and activating plugins, and much more.

If your request will not be covered by your monthly support time, we will contact you with a quote before we begin.

What happens if my site goes down or is hacked?

We will actively monitor your site and in the event that it goes down we will be notified immediately. We will work to get your website back up and running as quickly as possible. In the event of a hack or security issue, we will assess our 3 tier backup architecture to find the latest back up of your site that was not compromised and restore your website.

What Our Client's Say...

"Very professional and easy process. The communication throughout the project was thorough and clear. If there is a problem, Blaire will absolutely figure it out. "

Lauren Redwine

Wellness with Redwine
"I'd be hard pressed to find anyone more professional, personable, talented and creative. Orion Digital is the WHOLE package."

Mary Dudley

The Montessori Market

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Managed Hosting
Daily Offsite Backups (90 Day Retention)
WordPress Core Updates
Weekly Plugin Updates
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Every 10 minutes
Every minute
Security & Malware Scans
Link Monitoring
Performance Monitoring
Image Optimization
Performance Optimization
Google Analytics
Monthly Report
Support Time
Reduced Hourly Rate
Premium Plugins
WooCommerce Support
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